Do Republicans Suffer From Mental Illness? 12 Points To Consider


“The Republican Party is not a political party – it’s a mental condition. And I mean that seriously because if you are for crushing the poor, unprovoked wars, there is no climate change, immigrants. It’s like ‘who are we’?”

~Actor and comedian Richard Belzer

Back in 2005 psychiatrist James Whitney Hicks published a book entitled 50 Signs of Mental Illness: A Guide to Understanding Mental Health which was designed as a user-friendly, alphabetical guide to psychiatric symptoms and what you should know about them.

We have taken the liberty of selecting 12 of his signs to demonstrate our belief that many Republicans potentially suffer from some form of mental illness.

Anger– Check out our articles about doing battle with angry conservatives on Facebook who lash out at “effing statists and socialists,” attack folk singer Cat Stevens in a fit of rage, and flip out on liberals saying they are “lower than a snake’s belly.” Or feel free to check out how they attack each other if they disagree on something, such as the time last week when they slammed Ted Cruz. You can also check out the time Bill O’Reilly freaked out on an intern.

Antisocial Behavior – See Republicans’ hatred of women, gays and minorities.

Avoidance – Here’s a personal favorite: Michele Bachmann fleeing a CNN reporter after being caught in a web of lies.

Confusion – Check out this list of 10 of the most idiotic statements by Republicans, including favorite moments such as Rick Perry being unable to name the three government agencies he would cut if elected president, Sarah Palin insisting that Paul Revere warned the British, and Michele Bachmann confusing John Wayne the actor with notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Deceitfulness – I don’t even know where to begin on this one. How about these 10 insane, fear-mongering GOP lies from the recent election cycle? Or you might want to check out The Daily Banter’s recent article Debunking the Top 10 Most Egregious Republican Lies.

Delusions – Check out Republicans who cannot accept that Obamacare is here to stay – in specific the 54 times (and counting) they have voted in four years to repeal Obamacare – which could easily fit into the next category as well.

Denial– Check out the GOP’s Top 10 Climate Change Deniers, or how about the time Fox News claimed we were running out of sand in a segment denying the reality of climate change.  How about the time Michele Bachmann stated that God would overturn Obamacare? Or how about the time the creator of the death panels lie walked out of an interview after being confronted with the success of Obamacare?

Fearssee Fox News

Grandiosity– see Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Ted Nugent or if you want something an little more countrified how about Duck Dynasty

Hallucinations – the prevalent belief amongst conservatives that God wanted George W. Bush to be president. Better yet, how about the time Bush said to James Robinson: “I feel like God wants me to run for President. I can’t explain it, but I sense my country is going to need me. Something is going to happen… I know it won’t be easy on me or my family, but God wants me to do it.

Intoxication – How about House Republicans boozing it up while voting to shut down the government last year? Or how about a book detailing George W. Bush’s cocaine arrest or another book detailing his community service to cover up a DUI?

Sexual Preoccupations – check out Republican efforts to control when, where, how, why and with whom we have intimate relations.

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