4 Facts Conservatives And Fox News Don’t Want You To Know About Cosby


Conservatives and conservative media groups, such as Fox News, are doing everything they can to spin the recent rape allegations made against famed comedian Bill Cosby.

As we reported earlier today, Fox News is playing the race card and blaming those who would “champion women’s rights.”

However, Fox has consistently refused to address the known facts surrounding the allegations – leaving their viewers and incomplete picture of what is really happening. This in turn is leading to some rather ridiculous online squabbles with conservatives pitting incomplete opinion and conjecture against liberals who are doing their very best to rely on facts.

Below are 4 critical facts conservatives and right-wing pundits are overlooking – either accidentally or by design (and I think we all know what is really going on here…).

1. Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen women, five of then who have been named. Indeed, as Vox reports, on Tuesday “the 15th woman to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault came forward.”

2. Bruce Castor the former Montgomery County District Attorney who declined to charge Cosby in 2004, revealed to The Mail Online this week that “he wanted to arrest the star – but had insufficient proof,” a claim that was further confirmed by NBC News who he told:

“I didn’t say that he didn’t commit the crime. There was insufficient admissible and reliable evidence on which to base a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s prosecutor speak for, ‘I think he did it but there’s just no enough here to prosecute.'”

3. The only legal action taken against Cosby [1] “was eventually settled, and, as part of that agreement, the plaintiff agreed not to discuss her allegations publicly,” as reported by Vox and NBC News. As Vox reports

Constand’s lawyers produced 11 more women who claimed Cosby had assaulted them, bringing the total number of accusers to 13. […] Taken together, the allegations paint a disturbing — and consistent — picture. The women accuse him of drugging them with a laced drink or pills and then sexually assaulting them.

4. None of Cosby’s accusers stand to receive any financial gain from speaking out about their accusations. As Vox notes:

Some of the women called as witnesses in Constand’s case have spoken out since, sharing their allegations against Cosby with Philadelphia Magazine, People, the Daily Mail, and the Washington Post. None of them stand to gain anything from coming forward, as the statute of limitations has made it impossible for them to personally sue Cosby.


1. The former director of operations of Temple State University’s women’s basketball program, Andrea Constand, sued Cosby in 2004 “claiming claiming that he had given her pills he called ‘herbal medication’ to help her cope with stress when she visited his Philadelphia-area mansion in 2004 and, after she consumed them, he touched her breasts and genitals and assaulted her,” as reported by NBC News.

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