3 Words That Destroy Conservative Opposition To Cuba



It’s as if the Red Scare has been resurrected from the  1940s and ’50s with conservative heads exploding about the new situation with Cuba.

Listening to conservatives such as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who were melting down on Hannity last night, the brunt of their objection to normalizing relations with Cuba is that they are COMMUNISTS – and we can’t being doing business with commie regimes.

Rubio is threatening to use his new position as a subcommittee chairman on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to block the administration’s efforts in Cuba, saying that the better policy would be to increase Soviet-era sanctions. Being the good Catholic that he is, Rubio went so far as to lash out at Pope Francis for hosting the the final meeting between U.S. and Cuban officials at the Vatican.

The conservative website Independent Sentinel asked if we are now going to “exchange ideas with communist dictators?” adding that

This is a policy of appeasement at best. A communist dictatorship will not change its ways by our propping them up financially. […]

While Obama is pretending this change in policy only happened as a result of the prisoner exchange, the signs have been there for years.

Communists associated with Cuba are tied to the communist/anarchist Occupy Wall Street and Ferguson Justice for All movements.

Well, if doing business with a communist country is such a horrible idea for conservatives to stomach, I have only three words for them:


Feel free to copy this meme and use it.

Feel free to copy this meme and use it.

Feel free to copy this meme and use it.

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