CIA Torturers Deserve Medals, Not Reprimands, Hillary Clinton ‘Demented’ – Fox News Guest (VIDEO)


Retired United States Army Lieutenant Colonel and frequent Fox News guest Lt. Col. Ralph Peters had strong words about Hillary Clinton during a Monday interview with Sean Hannity.

The two were discussing the pending CIA Torture report and Peters claimed that CIA officers “deserve medals” not reprimands in the following exchange:

PETERS: My bottom line on this is very simple. The CIA deserves commendation. The officers who went through this kept us safe. They deserve medals, not betrayal. …I’d give those CIA officers medals, not reprimands.
HANNITY: You know, here we have the Bush administration and they used enhanced interrogation techniques against terrorists and we get intelligence, actionable intelligence, some of which led to the courier, which led to Bin Laden. Then we got the Obama administration. They release terrorists.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, who recently said that America needed to learn how to respect and empathize with our enemies, Peters called “demented” and “not fit” to be president:

And then you’ve got Hillary Clinton, my God, saying we’ve got to learn to respect our enemies, to empathize with them. Respect al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Islamic State, even Putin? Should we respect people who behead hostages, who really do torture, unlike the CIA, which did not torture? Who engage in mass rapes, Hillary Clinton wants to, wants us to respect them? Well, I’ll tell you this — had she phrased it differently, we want to, we need to better understand our enemies so that we can kill them more effectively, I would have agreed. I pushed that back in military intelligence when I was there. Understand the enemies so you can kill them more efficiently and effectively, but empathy?

You can watch the segment below:

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