How Do These Boys React When They Are Asked To Slap A Girl? (VIDEO)


In a video that has gone viral, a series of young boys are introduced to a young girl, and they were asked what they liked about her. The boys were instructed to caress her and to make funny faces.

The off camera interviewer, who is credited as Luca Lavarone, also instructed the boys to slap the young girl. All of them refused and their reactions will warm your heart.

One says, “I don’t want to hurt her.”

Another said, “As the saying goes: ‘girls shouldn’t be hit, not even with a flower’.”

At the end of the clip, one of the younger boys looks directly at the camera as says: ‘Why? Because I’m a man!’

The video ends with the statement:

In the kids world, women don’t get hit.

~ Alessandro, 6 years old

The video is produced by Italian news organization Fanpage and the site claims the boys are not actors.  It appears to be a public service announcement regarding violence against women.

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