Portlandia Sketch Pokes Fun At Male Feminists Congratulating Themselves (VIDEO)

Photo credit: IFC

Photo credit: IFC

A sneak peek of Thursday’s episode of IFC’s show “Portlandia” starring Fred Arminsen is hilarious.

In the clip, Arminsen, who plays Doug, joins a male feminist support group. They sit in a circle while bragging about how “feminist” they are and cheer each other on.

Examples include Doug pointing out what kind of feminist he is: “I’ve never hired a geisha.” He also says, “I’ve been saying to the ladies on the street, ‘Are you a doctor?’ – just so there’s not a feeling that only men can be doctors.” The group applauds.

Another group member says, “I used to be the worst of the worst. I’d say ‘hubba hubba.’ But then I met a girl and she was a feminist. Next thing you know, I’m a feminist.”



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