Sean Penn On Republican ‘Criminal Mutiny’ – They ‘Risk Our Children’s Lives’ – VIDEO


Sean Penn puts the action of the Republican Senators into perspective warning that their actions are not only “criminal mutiny,” but they “risk our children’s lives.” #GOPWantsWar #47Idiots #47Saboteurs

On Friday’s edition of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn joined Bill Maher and panelists Arianna Huffington, Sharyl Attkisson and Tom Rogan to discuss the efforts by 47 Republican senators to undermine the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran.

Early on in the segment, Penn drew loud cheers of approval from members of the audience when he called the letter from the 47 Republicans “criminal mutiny.”

When a young William Jefferson Clinton was at Oxford protesting the Vietnam War and then later ran for president of the United States they said that he was a traitor for protesting from foreign shores. And the moment that letter arrived in Tehran, they were protesting from foreign shores. And in fact I think where we should be looking at this is not in terms of treason, but mutiny. And I think perhaps criminal mutiny.

Sean Penn wrapped things up nicely when he was talking about the fact that there is a generation of young Iranians we might want on our side instead of dropping bombs on them.

It’s a country that during the time of the Iran/Iraq war where they lost a million of their – principally men – out of a population of about 50, 55 million people at that time and that’s an enormous number. And that’s really where the division line is in the generations.

So now as the Iraelis and these members of Congress will often say “these are the least trustworthy” – the pressure is on because the generation of incredible progressive thinking, some of the most progressive thinking in terms of the separation of church and state you will ever find is with the young people at Tehran University.

And for us to alienate that and the military option of course – the military option has always been perceived, very dangerously perceived, as a winnable military option, but in this case we’re also talking about something that’s much bigger than the conversation of ISIS vs Iran. It has to finally have to do with regional dynamics and nuclear proliferation issues. […]

So when you have an executive branch negotiating on that highest level, for 47 senators to do this is to risk our children’s’ lives.

You can watch the entire segment, below, as well – courtesy of Real Time‘s YouTube page.

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