McCain Delivers A Knockout Blow To Ted Cruz For Lying, Enlists Help Of Reporters In Shaming Him


Observing Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz getting smacked around seems to have turned into the latest indoor sport for liberals and conservatives alike if recent history is any indication – and it seems to be.

There was the recent article on the conservative website Forbes smacking Cruz around, noting that “he will ultimately be forgotten.” Last month Rep. Pete King (R-NY) referred to Cruz as “a guy with a big mouth and no results” in an interview with CNN. The list goes on and on….

And then there’s the matter of his seemingly pathological tendency towards telling lies. As The Daily Beast reports, Cruz’s record for telling lies is second only to Dr. Ben Carson who has a 100% “pants on fire rating.” However, Liberals Unite rates Cruz as number one liar as Politifact has only rated one statement of Carson’s so far, that people choose to be gay.

In the latest round of attack, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) “wants to know more about his imaginary conversation with Ted Cruz.”

New York reports that while campaigning in New Hampshire on Sunday, Cruz claimed that he was “‘pressing’ McCain to hold hearings on allowing soldiers to carry concealed firearms on military bases.”

On Monday, McCain responded, stating:

You know, I was fascinated to hear that because I haven’t heard a thing about it from him. Nor has my staff heard from his staff. Where did that come from? I have not a clue. I’d be glad to discuss the issue and see if we need a hearing, but it came as a complete surprise to me that he had been ‘pressing’ me.

Twisting the knife one more turn, he added:

Maybe it was through some medium that I’m not familiar with. Maybe bouncing it off the ozone layer, for all I know. There’s a lot of holes in the ozone layer, so maybe it wasn’t the ozone layer that he bounced it off of. Maybe it was through hand telegraph, maybe sign language, who knows?

Not yet satisfied, McCain tried to enlist the help of reporters in shaming Cruz, suggesting they

Ask him how he communicated with me because I’d be very interested. Who knows what I’m missing?

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