Fourteen-Year-Old Says School Is Targeting Her Because She Isn’t Christian (VIDEO)


Oklahoma – Valyntyne Hale is an 8th grader, and like her father, she’s also a Satanist.

She was recently called out for wearing a skirt that school officials say was too short.

Both Valyntyne and her father say the school has made a mistake, but teachers at the school say she got in trouble because her skirt was too short in the back.

Valyntyn said, “I looked at him and said, ‘it’s not too short’ and he said ‘well it comes up in the back.’ I know my dress, it doesn’t come up in the back.”

Del Crest middle school issued a statement:

“A student was asked to change her skirt today because the length of the skirt was deemed too short for the school dress code.”

Valyntyne’s father, James, claims his daughter has been targeted before for her choice of attire and he believes it’s because she’s not a Christian.

“The school doesn’t like it at all. The school is bound and determined to use any means necessary to try to convert her to Christianity,” James said.

Both James and Valyntyn believe the principal is targeting her because of a necklace she wears to represent her Satanist beliefs.

“He went, ‘I don’t get why you won’t take the dog collar off,’ and I stopped and looked at him blankly and said, ‘It’s not a dog collar,’” Valyntyne said.

Other students in the school have worn short skirts with the school’s blessing. Some of those students are featured on the school’s official website.

Oklahoma A.C.L.U. spokesperson Brady Henderson had this to say:

If the school is mutually enforcing the same dress code provisions that it enforces the same way as to everyone else, they’re going to be within their rights. But if they’re singling out a particular student because that student has unusual religious beliefs, that’s not going to be okay, that’s going to be unconstitutional.”

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