Phyllis Schlafly Warns Gay Marriages Will Wipe Out Christianity


Gender traitor and destroyer of equality, Phyllis Schlafly, is picking on the gays now.

It wasn’t enough for her to spread lies about what constitutional gender equality would mean for the country decades ago, now she’s complaining that the gay agenda will wipe out Christianity.


In an interview with conservative radio host Chuck Wilder, Schlafly asserted that lawsuits against business owners who refuse to serve members of the LGBT community prove that marriage equality advocates are seeking to “to wipe out the Christian religion.”

Wilder asked, “Have you noticed that only Christian small-businesspeople have been harassed and sued for refusing to participate in same-sex marriages, even though our fast-growing immigrant populations, you know of Muslims, Hindus and other faiths are also opposed to that concept? The use of same-sex marriage to attack Christian businesses but not businesses run by members of other religions demonstrates what is really driving the demand for the new constitutional right to same-sex marriage.”

Wilder then asked Schlafly to “Give us the bottom line.”

Schlafly responded. “Well, that is right. They want to wipe out the Christian religion. And most of these other religions do not recognize same-sex marriage. I assume there are some Muslim bakers and photographers and other people who have been harassed, but they’re not being attacked and they’re not being criticized.”

Schlafly may have been temporarily successful in quashing ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, but she won’t be doing a victory dance this year – it’s looking as if the Supreme Court will rule in favor of marriage equality.

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H/T to Right Wing Watch for the audio:

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