The Man Pill: Male Contraception Is About To Change Everything


Soon the reproductive landscape will see a big change with the introduction of the first FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved male contraceptive since the condom.

Vasalgel isn’t really a pill, it’s a non-hormonal drug expected to be available in the United States around 2018-2020. One injection would last for years.

Vasalgel, created by Parsemus Foundation, is a polymer that is injected under local anesthetic into the man’s sperm-carrying tubes. It works by blocking sperm and is expected to be reversible through a second injection that dissolves the polymer.

While the length of efficacy and whether or not it’s fully reversible is yet to be determined, medical trials due to start in 2016 will provide some answers.

As Big Think reported, earlier research from Berlin suggests half of the men who don’t wish to become fathers (just yet) would use it.

Millions of men opt for vasectomies each year and this new procedure might provide a temporary and less invasive alternative. Aside from preventing unwanted pregnancies, another advantage of Vasalgel is that while it blocks sperm, other fluid can still pass through. This should reduce any risk of pain due to back pressure, an occasional issue that occurs with vasectomies.

The fact that Vasalgel is hormone free is a very attractive selling point – one to which women can attest. Hormonal birth control can often present unwanted and uncomfortable side-effects – something men will not have to worry about with this particular form of contraception.

Of course, it’s important to note that the best way to protect against sexually transmitted infections are to also incorporate condoms – because SAFETY FIRST!

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