Massive Assault On Decency By Young Conservatives


While the nation mourns the senseless and tragic murder of Virginia journalist Allison Parker and her cameraman, Adam Ward, Young Conservatives are busy trying to spin the conversation to protect the rights of firearms owners while lashing out at liberals and #BlackLivesMatter activists.

Using a double-edged sword they initiated their attack by going after on Hillary Clinton and then segued into their real target, the dreaded “gun control.” In the wake of the Virginia tragedy, the Democratic presidential hopeful tweeted: “Heartbroken and angry. We must act to stop gun violence, and we cannot wait any longer. Praying for the victims’ families in Virginia. -H.”

The Young Cons launched their attack on Clinton, accusing her of “staying true to her progressive roots and not allowing a senseless tragedy to go to waste by calling for ‘action to stop gun violence‘ in light of the tragic murder of a news crew in Virginia” [emphasis added]. The next step – character assassination: “Since Hillary has taken a serious shellacking in the polls over the last few weeks, it isn’t surprising to see her attempting to use the shooting to try boosting her numbers a bit, but that doesn’t make the move any less despicable.”

One more insult, and then they move in for the kill – silencing all debate about gun control using some paranoid analogy about swords and knives, forks and rocks.

Don’t believe me? Insult: “The question raised by this moronic tweet is what kind of action does she have in mind to help end gun violence? No doubt it involves snatching up our guns and making the Second Amendment disappear faster than the messages in her inbox, but does that really solve the problem?” Parlay, attack:

Is murder something that’s new to humanity? What did crazy nuts do to kill each other back in the day before guns? Oh, they used swords and knives? Guess we better ban those too. Hey, you know what? I was about to eat lunch with a fork, then realized it has sharp pointy ends, meaning it could be a weapon used to inflict bodily harm on another human being. Add that to the ban list!

Gee, I was out skipping stones with my kids at the lake when I noticed how big some of the rocks are along the shore. You could bludgeon someone to death with those suckers! We need to ban them immediately and work on a solution to prevent people from collecting rocks. Maybe we should chop their hands off if they get caught in possession of a rock? Just a thought!

Time for the next target, White House spokesman Josh Earnest:

White House spokesman paid liar Josh Earnest said Congress must take action on gun control, hours after the deadly shooting of a news crew in Virginia. So he’s just like Hillary Clinton, that’s what she did too. So quick to politicize such an unspeakable tragedy. If you’re psycho enough to plan out this murder, write this “suicide letter”, film it from your perspective, and then live tweet about it after, you’re probably psycho enough to go stab somebody instead of shoot them. Guns are the not the problem, and using tragic situations like this to talk about the need for gun control is sick.

Next was an attack on Piers Morgan for being a “Brit” and “chiming in on gun ownership in America.” According to Young Cons, “Vester Lee Flanagan/Bryce Williams was determined to kill an innocent 24-year-old reporter and her 27-year-old cameraman no matter what. It just so happened he used a gun. Had he not used a gun, he would’ve used a knife, or some other object in order to carry out the murders.”

There was the obligatory slam on President Obama somehow linking his comments on gun violence in America to “his socialist agenda.” And last but not least, Young Cons decided to lash out at #BlackLivesMatter mocking some tweets that were made in the early moments after the tragedy when no one was quite sure what had actually happened.

Most hypocritical is the fact that Young Cons goes on and on about the evils of politicizing such tragedies, writing in one instance that we need to “move beyond the fake, manufactured outrage spewed out by the MSM [mainstream media] and learn to deal with the issues that matter in a positive, peaceful manner. … It’s time to go beyond politics, and turn to principles, to turn to truth.”And in another one, complaining that “disgusting liberals aren’t wasting a single moment politicizing the awful shooting that happened this morning.” Yet, in a span of less than 11 hours Young Cons published 14 articles about the Virginia tragedy, most of them exploiting and politicizing the tragedy in one way or another – be it lashing out at leading liberals or rabidly defending the rights of gun owners.

And worst of all is this headline! “Spread it around”?!?!
Are you kidding me?


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