Fox News Producer Gets Shut Down When He Tries To Ambush Bernie Sanders – VIDEO




You might recall that at the National Conference for Media Reform 2008 Bill O’Reilly producer Porter Barry ambushed PBS’ Bill Moyers to pepper him with questions regarding his political affiliations and his “refusal” to appear on O’Reily’s show.

However, as it turned out Moyers ended up making Barry look like the fool he is and the best part is that other journalists, including Uptake political correspondent Noah Kunin, were on hand to film the entire incident as O’Reilly always edits them to pieces in an attempt to make others look ridiculous.

Fast-forward to this week and the same thing happened to Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, this time with O’Reilly’s new attack dog Jesse Watters.

As Salon reports, Sanders had to yell “Don’t push me!” in order to avoid the attempted ambush by Fox News.

Monday night’s edition of “The O’Reilly Factor” featured a clip of a failed “Watters World” segment in which the roving reporter attempted to hound Sanders before being promptly shut down.

“I don’t do ambush interviews,” Sanders told Watters. “So if you want to talk to us, there’s my press secretary.”

“Well, I do do ambush interviews and I just had a question for you,” Watters snappily replied, asking Sanders if he thought he was too “big-time” for the show. “O’Reilly is upset because you haven’t done the show,” Watters insisted.

However, as Salon points out, “Sanders sat for an O’Reilly interview as recently as this past May.”

You can watch the explosion, below:

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