Bill Maher: I Just Know Ted Cruz Is Wearing A Bra And Panties Under That Suit (Video)


Bill Maher took a page out of the GOP handbook and listened to his gut in a new segment he premiered on Friday called, “I Don’t Know It For a Fact…I Just Know It’s True.”

The mid-segment bit was a favorite and included these assumed truths, many of which were aimed at Republicans:

“I don’t know for a fact, but I just know it is true that…

  • Anyone who wears this shirt is a huge asshole. [shows photo of man in classic yellow ‘preppie’ shirt]
  • The owner of this giant truck has a small dick. [photo of large, jacked-up pickup truck]
  • Obama and Pope Francis are atheists.
  • When there’s an outbreak of head lice the other mothers look at Kim Davis.
  • Lindsey Graham draws John McCain’s bath water and gets in.
  • Donald Trump’s father is an orange-haired orangutan.

He also included one truth:

  • The Benghazi hearings are just an excuse to take down Hillary—wait a moment, that one I do know for a fact.”

You can watch the segment, below:

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