Secret Emails Reveal George W. Bush & Tony Blair Plotted To Deceive Public To Justify Iraq War

A White House memo revealed a “deal in blood” forged by George W. Bush and England’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair over the war in Iraq. Blair gave Bush an unqualified pledge in April of 2002 that he would support the conflict a year before the invasion started.

When Republicans forced Hillary Clinton to release all the emails from her time as Secretary of State, they hoped to find a “gotcha” smoking gun they could turn into another scandal. Instead, they found an email trail from her predecessor, Colin Powell, linking British Prime Minister Tony Blair to George W. Bush.

Daily Mail reported the secret emails in question reveal Powell and Bush were working with Blair, laying the groundwork for deceiving the public (and Congress) into believing Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. It has since been established there were no such weapons in Iraq. To a large extent, the Bush administration has gotten away with the deception by claiming faulty intelligence. The email trail suggests that Powell, Bush and Blair worked together for an entire year to justify the invasion.

Lying to Congress in order to get them to approve a military invasion is considered traitorous.

Whether or not this email trail provides enough evidence to convict anyone in the Bush administration of a crime is not yet clear, but it certainly serves as more evidence the Iraq war a premeditated sham.

The pathetic effort to find a scandal in Clinton’s emails has backfired and made it increasingly more difficult for whomever captures the Republican nomination to justify the Iraq war.

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