Hillary Clinton Cracks Up Over The Absurdity Of Ben Carson’s Lies (Video)


Hillary Clinton starts laughing when asked about the absurdity of Ben Carson’s campaign.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton momentarily lost it, cracking up at the absurdity of some of Ben Carson‘s recent lies during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Friday night.

Carson, the Republican front-runner, has come under increased media scrutiny for his many exaggerations – and outright lies. Just last night, he lost it during a press conference – shouting at reporters and complaining that Obama never faced scrutiny like he has – AS IF!

Speaking with Clinton, Kimmel listed off some of the absurd things Ben Carson has said recently:

Ben Carson is a guy who came out of nowhere and he’s made a number of controversial statements… He said, “Evolution is a theory from Satan.’ ‘Obamacare is like slavery.’ He said, ‘Homosexuality is a choice,’ and he knows this because ‘people go into prison straight and come out of prison gay.’ He said Joseph from the Bible ‘built the pyramids to store grain.’

And this point, Clinton paused to laugh.

Kimmel continued, stating: “And yet this Quinnipiac University poll that they released today said that if you ran against him today, he would beat you by 10 percent.”

Clinton responded, “I guess we’ll have to see how that turns out,” adding:

Seriously, it really does matter what you’re saying when you are president, and it probably should matter what you say when you’re running for President. People all over the world, especially leaders of friends and foes alike, they pay attention to what presidents say. I really know we’re in the campaign season and people are saying all kinds of stuff. Some of which they believe, some of which they believe will get them votes, whatever the case might be, but then it does have to turn serious.

You can watch the segment, below:

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