Open Letter To Republicans About Donald Trump

A white supremacist now leads the GOP. 

It’s all come down to a terrifying reality. Donald Trump is now the face of the Republican Party. I realize a growing number of you would argue that Trump doesn’t represent your values, your ideology or your particular brand of patriotism. Many of you are declaring you’d vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump – even my conservative family member said he and his wife would vote for Hillary in November.

I woke up to this headline this morning: Erick Erickson to GOP: If You’re Going to Embrace Philanderer Trump, Apologize to Bill Clinton

This was my literal reaction:

A growing number of Republicans say they’d vote for Hillary Clinton rather than give their vote to Donald Trump.

While I’m grateful that a number of you are as repulsed and disgusted at the thought of “President Trump” the rest of the world is, I have a question for you:

What did you expect?

For years the GOP has been openly racist, bigoted and sexist. NEWSFLASH: It’s no longer 1950. There’s this nifty thing called the internet which allows all of us to view that racism, sexism and bigotry WITH OUR OWN EYES.

One would have thought that all the Republican men who were making ignorant, moronic comments about rape in 2012 might have realized that at the very least they needed to keep their slut-shaming, willfully ignorant comments about sexual assault to themselves. But noooo, Republicans held classes to inform these knuckle-dragging ignoramuses to shut the f*ck up about rape if they want to win elections. Evidently all students in the “don’t say rape” classes failed because the victim blaming and the damaging stereotypes continue to this day.

Republicans have waged a war on common decency. Whether it’s about not wanting to bake wedding cakes for gay people, companies denying women the option of birth control on third-party insurance plans – based on the bogus religious “morality” argument — or defunding and lying about Planned Parenthood, conservatives like Erick Erickson have not only been engaging in this abhorrent behavior, they’ve been celebrating it. They’ve embraced inequality, be it based on gender, sexual preference, wages, voting rights, religion — take your pick.

Donald Trump is the direct result of your endless tirades about the non-existent War on Christmas and War on Boys, your unrelenting attacks on the LGBT community, your open hatred for women’s equality and immigrants, and your hatred for African-Americans and all people who are not white Christians. What did it get you? A white supremacist is your representative now.

While there are plenty of Trump supporters, they only represent a fraction of the GOP. Maybe you’re a conservative who isn’t (openly) racist, sexist or bigoted. It doesn’t really matter now. Your silence and inaction contributed to the worst case scenario. If you’re embarrassed, you deserve it. If you’re appalled, welcome to reality. You only have yourselves to blame; and, while my big toe would probably beat Trump in the general election, I’ll never assume he “can’t win” because he’s swept the primaries and crushed the rest of the GOP clowns vying for the most powerful position in the world.

It’s time for sane Republicans to finally wake up and realize you’ll never turn this country into a conservative utopia where everyone pretends women have no libidos and white (Christian) men are superior.

You’ve been building Trump’s platform for a long while and it switched into high gear in January 2009. You’ve decorated Trump’s stage with confederate flags, swastikas and pictures of aborted fetuses. You’ve helped create a violent, racist social climate based on your hatred of a black man who was not only elected twice, but who will go down as one of the most successful and respected presidents in history. You can pretend your hatred stems from Obama’s policies and accomplishments, but the whole world knows and sees you for who and what you are. We are sickened.

You have a clear choice now. You can stay on your one-track path to complete party annihilation, or you can suck it up and realize that Trump has all but tied up this election for Democrats – the presidency and both chambers of Congress.

If the Republican Party wishes to regain any of the respect it once had, you’ll have to join the 21st Century and recognize we are a diverse nation. The idea here is compromise. Conservatives and liberals must find a way to coexist. If we can’t meet in the middle, progressives will dominate because the extreme side of conservatism is now your 2016 white supremacist candidate, and even you can’t stomach him.

Congratulations, Republicans. You built that.

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Originally published on The Huffington Post.


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