Who Is Leaving And Where Are They Going If Donald Trump Gets Elected

Donald Trump

An update on who is promising to leave if Donald Trump gets elected.

Donald Trump has been stirring up controversy since he first announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.

He has accused Mexican immigrants of being criminals and has promised to build a wall between the United States and Mexico to keep them out of the country. Last November he posted false statistics suggesting that most white people are killed by blacks. He seems to be offering support to his followers for assaulting protesters at his campaign rallies, in one instance suggesting a black protester should have been attacked – telling the press that “maybe he should have been roughed up.”

Last December, he called for a “total and complete” ban on all Muslims entering the United States as well as calling for a national registry and national ID system for Muslims.

Most of us have observed friends online, in person or by phone threatening to leave the country if Trump were to win the election and, as The Independent Journal reports, celebrities are no different.

Here is a partial list of celebrities who have said they will leave along with where they are saying they will go, as compiled by The Independent Journal and other sources:

Taking a broader look, USA Today reported late last year on the results of a social media analysis conducted by the digital analytics firm Liminoso who studied 4.5 million Trump-related tweets.

According to their findings, 4 percent of the tweets were people promising to leave the country were Trump to be elected president. According to USA Today, “Luminoso’s Denise Christie said the firm was not looking for this result in the Trump tweets — it was just a pattern that emerged from their content analysis.”

Here are the top destinations in those 200,000 “intent to move” tweets as reported by USA Today:

  • Mexico: 75,000
  • General: 69,000 (“I’m moving if Trump is elected” but no location specified)
  • Canada: 25,000
  • United Kingdom: 11,000
  • Australia: 6,000
  • Alaska: 5,800
  • France: 2,000
  • Hawaii: 1,500
  • Jamaica: 1,200
  • Ireland: 1,100
  • Sweden: 1,000
  • Brazil: 1,000

As USA Today notes: “Certainly the folks moving to Hawaii and Alaska may be surprised to arrive and discover that Trump is still their president because those places are actually part of the United States.”

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