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Square Dogs

The shape of things to come for dog grooming: Pets have their fur trimmed to make their heads square or circular as part of bizarre growing trend.

The country that brought you Godzilla, King Kong, Sushi, used panty vending machines, and other assorted oddities, now brings you cube dogs. Actually dogs cut into cubes. Not the dogs, actually, but their hair. Their hair is cut and styled to make the dogs look like cubes — with eyes.

That’s right. Japan, known for their love of cubes, the square watermelon for example, have been shaving and styling their dogs into symmetrical cubes.

Imagine shaving your dogs into cubes!

Yes, as GeoBeats reports, “A growing trend in Taiwan entails groomers trimming very specific shapes on dogs’ faces.”

For some reason, Asia seems to be the hotspot for many unusual dog trends. Last year, we heard about the panda dog craze sweeping across China. Now, according to RocketNews24, a growing trend in Taiwan entails groomers trimming very specific shapes on dogs’ faces. One popular choice is a square face.

A major influence for the trend seems to be social media as many owners want to share videos and photos of their furry friends with the rest of the world. And a square faced dog would certainly get more likes and comments than, you know, a regular dog. Only time will tell if this becomes in a trend in other countries as well.

Check it out in the amazing video, below, followed by an awesome photo gallery.

The trend, which more than likely will stay in Japan was a big hit at the Tokyo dog show. Westminster has yet to weigh in.

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cube dogs

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