Stephen King Ignites Twitter-Storm After Mocking Women Abusers Trump And O’Reilly

Stephen King sets off a Twitter-storm regarding serial predators Trump and the now disgraced Bill O’Reilly.

Horror writer Stephen King is not bashful when it comes to speaking his mind, particularly when it comes to Trump.

Last Friday he took to his Twitter account to mock Trump’s bluster, calling him “President Forrest Trump,” a reference to the fictional movie character Forrest Gump played by Tom Hanks.

He followed that up with a Saturday tweet, mocking Trump’s cowardice when it comes to releasing his tax returns.

In the wake of Bill O’Reilly’s sudden termination by Fox News amid growing controversy surrounding his harassment of women, King posted a tweet connecting O’Reilly and Trump, who defended him earlier this month, calling him “a good person.”

His tweet has received over 42K likes so far, has been retweeted 16K times and has received around 1K comments so far.

Examples of the kinds of comments include:

  • If Trump grew horns and a tail, his supporters would call it “an alternative halo”.
  • It backfired horribly on O’Reilly. Two rutting dinosaurs validating one another is just too much for America to stomach. One down one to go!
  • I am saddened that ‘sexual predator’ tRump was propelled to the highest office in the nation w/his TOXIC record of preying on women.
  • And O’Reilly is saying his firing was based on “unfounded claims”-🙄Sure,dude.Networks ALWAYS pay out $13 mill for baseless claims. #MoreLies
  • Wait until Trump replaces Spicer with O’Reilly. Even Mr. King cannot drum up such horror.
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