Spineless Republicans Refuse To Condemn Trump No Matter What He Does

Mitch McConnell

It’s as if congressional Republicans know Trump’s days are numbered, but most are too cowardly to make a move.

Political talking-heads argue that as soon as Donald Trump’s approval ratings dip below 30 percent, the Republican Party will start to detach and possibly move toward impeachment or demand his resignation. There’s lots of chatter on mainstream media about whether or not Trump will make it through his first term, and there’s a strong argument to be made that he won’t.

Trump is hostile toward the very party he supposedly represents and has attacked Senate Republicans on Twitter — including singling out Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — for failing to pass the repeal and replace healthcare bill.

We’ve already started to see some congressional Republicans push back against the president, but they’re far and few between. Sen. John McCain’s vote against Trumpcare has been viewed by some as a show of rebellion against Trump for belittling his time as a prisoner of war  — although that particular form of resistance comes from personal experience and not from a broader view on why Trump is unfit to lead.

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ) has boldly denounced Trump and says his party is in denial. But is the GOP really in denial? Let’s just be real – no. They’re not in denial. They’re afraid of Trump’s base. They’re caught between a rock and a minority of loud voters who have a vice grip around the neck of the party. The only way to melt their collective complicity will be an approval rating that matches President Nixon’s low during the Watergate scandal or a failing economy.

A perfect opportunity for Republicans to start impeachment hearings came after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, and then admitted on national television that he’d considered firing Comey because of the “Russia thing” which he claimed was a “made up story.” It’s worth repeating that if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama fired the head of the FBI for the same reason, Republicans would have had them impeached already. (Okay, a slight exaggeration but you get my point.)

Trump’s latest press conference, where he doubled-down on his defense of white supremacists and his “many sides” comment following the violence that broke out at a neo-nazi gathering in Charlottesville, VA is a fine example of why impeachment proceedings should now be underway. But Republicans, as a party, won’t draw up those papers. They’ll denounce racism—as if that’s a brave thing to do — but they won’t mention Trump by name.

Politico reported that Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee have begged their Republican colleagues to hold congressional hearings to look into the rise of white supremacist violence, but the GOP ignores their requests. 

His endless lies, his leaking of highly classified information to Russian officials during a White House meeting, and his impromptu “fire and fury” threats to North Korea provides us with enough evidence of Trump’s inability to competently lead. Yet the GOP cowers as he threatens and weakens America’s standing in the world – too frightened they might lose a vote.

Scattershot statements here and there by a small number of conservatives offer some insight as to how the party as a whole privately feels about him, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that congressional Republicans have no love for Trump, his chaotic form of governing (or lack thereof), and his complete lack of self-control on Twitter. Publicly, the GOP remains united in their silence and complicity.

Their silence is not only shameful, it’s cowardly; and it’s abundantly clear they’re too afraid to speak up because of personal greed and selfish desires. They won’t budge until they see the numbers — willfully turning their heads hoping a partisan colleague has the guts to speak up so they don’t have to.

It should be noted that I haven’t even cited Trump’s possible collusion with Russia as an argument for impeachment. Because the GOP doesn’t even need it as an excuse to boot him. Whether it’s invoking the 25th Amendment, impeachment, or forcing a resignation, there’s plenty of justification for Republicans to fire Donald.  

Time will tell how their cowardly actions of today will affect the future of the party; however, one thing is crystal clear: the GOP is behaving like an abused spouse — too frightened to stand up to its abuser. Their refusal to put country before party is proof they don’t care about voters, patriotism, or America. Their only goal, it seems, is to get re-elected, to keep collecting that government salary and their beloved government healthcare.


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