The Time Alyssa Milano Owned Ted Cruz After He Foolishly Responded To One Of Her Tweets

ted cruz is smug
Actress Alyssa Milano thoroughly destroyed Ted Cruz after he responded to one of her tweets.

I was researching an article earlier today regarding whether or not Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is capable of experiencing normal human emotion. I came across an article published on June 22, 2017 by Gentlemen’s Quarterly titled: “Is Ted Cruz Capable of Normal Displays of Human Affection? An Investigation” which included an interesting tidbit of information regarding a Twitter interaction between Cruz and actress Alyssa Milano.

The article began with a brief overview of the tea party favorite’s online behavior:

Texas senator and noted romper aficionado Ted Cruz has become quite the amateur Twitter comedian of late, with results ranging from mildly amusing to dismayingly dumb to deeply and profoundly offensive.

Continuing, GQ reported that: “history has provided ample evidence that Cruz is physically incapable of interacting with others in a way that doesn’t prompt you to involuntarily scream and then sit down where you are and refuse all human contact for somewhere between four and six hours.”

Turning their attention to Alyssa Milano, GQ reported that she posted a tweet suggesting “group hug” was in order in the wake of Democrat Jon Ossoff’s June 2017 defeat to “startlingly cruel” Republican challenger Karen Handel in the hard-fought special election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district.

Milano had “stumped hard” for Ossoff’s campaign, explained GQ, giving her tweet context.

Continuing, GQ reported that: “Two days later, for reasons known only to him, his God, and the computer whiz who programmed the part of his mainframe that controls his occasional efforts to present himself to the world as something other than an emotionless, amoral robot, Ted Cruz did this:”

Milano responded: “Not you, @tedcruz. You’re not invited.”

She followed that up with another tweet, telling Cruz: “anytime you want to get together to talk about your duty to your constituents, I’d love to chat. People before party.”

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