Trump Family Biographer Shreds Ivanka Trump: She’s ‘Fake’ And ‘Dead Inside’

Ivanka Trump

New Trump family biography shreds Ivanka Trump as being “fake” and “so opposite the image she puts out there.”

Vanity Fair reporter Emily Jane Fox has been speaking out in the wake of the release of her new book last week, Born Trump: Inside America’s First Family.”

Fox makes the case in her book that to truly understand Trump, one must take an in-depth look at his children. The book’s Amazon listing states that: “Born Trump is Fox’s dishy, deeply reported, and richly detailed look at Trump’s five children (and equally powerful son-in-law, Jared Kushner), exploring their lives, their roles in the campaign and administration, and their dramatic and often fraught relationships with their father and with one another.”

Reexamining the tabloid-soaked events that shaped their lives in startling new detail, Born Trump is full of surprising insights, previously untold stories, and delicious tidbits about their childhoods (ridiculously privileged and painful, in equal measure) and the extraordinary power they now wield. As a version of this new kind of American royalty they wish to be, they are ensconced not in palaces but in Trump Tower and the White House.

Amazon notes that Trump “told friends he wanted at least five kids – to make sure there was a greater probability that one would turn out just like him,” and although “his vision didn’t pan out exactly as he’d imagined,” each of his children “inherited some of his essential traits – as one source says, ‘collectively, they make the whole.”

New York Times opinion columnist Maureen Dowd had an opportunity to talk with Fox at a New York event celebrating the release of her book.

The interview began with Fox criticizing Ivanka for her failure to speak out about the separation of immigrant children at the border due to her father’s “zero-tolerance” position on immigration.

“It’s really easy for someone whose sole job in the White House is women and children to issue a statement — even Melania did it,” Fox stated.

“It just shows how fake Ivanka is,” Fox continued, adding: “She’s crafted this whole image of herself that’s not actually her. And the real her is cooler, slightly more interesting, funnier. She curses like a sailor. She partied a lot when she was younger. She flashed a hot dog vendor when she was in eighth grade. She chain-smoked. Which is so opposite of the image she put out there. What you’re seeing now is the unmasking. She can’t control the narrative anymore because she’s so inauthentic. It has really come back to bite her.”

Newsweek elaborated on Fox’s remarks about Ivanka, reporting that although she has painted herself as the savior of families – her actions have fallen far short of that claim.

Ivanka Trump has cast herself as an advocate for women’s rights who is compassionate toward children and families. But she has often been chided because her actions and her role within the Trump administration are seen as not matching her words or the image she puts out of herself.

Fox explained her thoughts on that disconnect during an interview with MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace earlier this month.

As The Hill reported, Wallace questioned whether Melania and Ivanka Trump are “dead inside” during a panel discussion about Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani stating that he did not “respect” Stormy Daniels because of her profession.

“I respect women, beautiful women and women with value – but a woman who sells her body for sexual exploitation, I don’t respect,” Giuliani said.

Fox connected that attitude with Trump. “[Trump] has incredibly sexist, misogynistic views about how he treats women in general, we’ve heard the way that he talks about women, calling them dogs and pigs, talking about grabbing them by their genitals,” Fox said. “The way that the president talks about women and behaves towards women, it’s not so out of line with what Rudy Giuliani said, and, what he said about Stormy Daniels was disgusting, gave me a pit in my stomach from the second I woke up this morning, but my first reaction was, this is so disrespectful to the first lady.”

Wallace asked what Fox thought about reaction from Melania and Ivanka: “What do they do on a day like today?” Wallace asked. “Are they just the most stoic human beings, are they numb, are they dead inside, are they paid off?”

“Yes, yes and yes,” Fox answered adding that the women closest to Trump have a compartmentalized and “distorted image” of him.

“Ivanka Trump is the most masterful compartmentalizer that America has maybe ever seen,” she said. “She is able to separate those things in a way that you and I probably can’t understand.”

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