Seth Abramson: ‘Trump May Not Have Been Elected’

Donald Trump

Former criminal investigator and criminal defense attorney Seth Abramson reports that there is every reason to believe that Trump is not actually president. 

Former criminal investigator and criminal defense attorney, Seth Abramson, has been publishing extensive Twitter threads and mega-threads regarding the ongoing investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia since autumn 2016; and yesterday he weighed in on an explosive report alleging that Russians did tamper with votes during the 2016 presidential election.

The Root reported yesterday that: “evidence shows hackers changed votes in the 2016 election but no one will admit it.”

Abramson linked to the article, calling it a “MUST READ” and tweeted, “There is COMPELLING circumstantial evidence suggesting votes were changed by Russian hackers and Trump may not have been elected president. The type of evidence discussed here is the same type of probative evidence used in EVERY criminal case.”

Continuing, Abramson tweeted: “Direct evidence: you look out your window and see it raining. Circumstantial evidence: you come out of your house in the morning and see the grass is soaking wet and say, “This is *some* evidence it rained last night.” Enough evidence of the latter sort and a case is built.”

He goes on to explain that this might be the reason why Trump cannot seem to be able to separate the idea of Russia tampering and the election results, tweeting: “Could the kompromat Putin has on Trump be… …that Trump ISN’T the rightful President of the United States? It would certainly explain why Trump thinks every mention of Russian hacking delegitimizes his 2016 ‘win.'”

Abramson concludes, tweeting: “The only explanation that could possibly explain why Russians didn’t change votes in Georgia is to believe an international cabal of hackers got into the system, found instructions, voter registrations, and passwords to voting machines yet decided not to do it—just because.”

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