Over 5,000 Semi-Trucks Impacted by Major Recalls

Semi-trucks already pose a significant danger to the smaller vehicles that share the road with them. When parts on those trucks are defective though, the risk becomes even greater. Malfunctioning airbags, faulty tires, and more can cause tractor-trailers to get into serious accidents, resulting in severe injuries and damage to those around them.

To prevent these accidents, manufacturers and transportation officials must continuously watch for defective parts, and issue recalls once they are spotted. Recently, four major recalls were issued that affect over 5,000 trucks.

The largest recall affects 3000 Freightliner Cascadias. In these trucks, the driver’s airbag suddenly and unexpectedly deploys. When this happens, the driver can suffer serious injuries including broken facial bones and scarring. Once a truck driver is seriously injured, they are unable to control their truck, which can result in the truck side-swiping or rear-ending other vehicles. Anyone in or around the truck can become seriously injured due to these defective airbags.

The recall for these trucks began on January 9, 2019. The manufacturer notified owners of the trucks in December of 2018 to advise on how to repair the problem.

Another massive recall affects Kenworth & Peterbilt trucks. These trucks are missing the reflectors that make them more visible to other traffic. PACAAR, the manufacturer of the trucks, has issued the recall stating they would begin installing reflective tape at no charge. The work for this recall will start on February 19, 2019.

Two truck manufacturers, Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks, have issued a recall regarding the same problem their trucks are experiencing. The sidewall steel-body cords of the tires on these trucks are exposed, which is causing them to lose air very quickly. This recall went into effect in December of 2018 and impacted 921 trucks.

“It is important that industry officials are always on the lookout for defective parts that pose a threat to the public,” says Alan Hamilton of Shiver Hamilton. “It is just as important that anyone seriously injured in a truck accident knows there is help available. Injuries resulting from a truck accident are some of the most serious and the most costly. However, no one has to face them alone.”

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