Granny Cams Now Allowed in Louisiana Nursing Homes 

There is a reason so many people are hesitant to admit a loved one to a nursing home. They want to know their loved ones are being cared for and supported in a professional and safe environment. There is no way they can know if an elder will receive this type of care because they cannot be at the home for long periods of time. Now though, the decision may be a bit easier.   

Louisiana lawmakers have passed a law that allows families to set up ‘granny cams’ in the senior’s room so they can keep an eye on them even when they are not at the nursing home themselves. The idea is sure to provide relief to families throughout the state.  

“These granny cams are hopefully going to identify and prevent a number of nursing home abuse incidences throughout Louisiana,” says Joe Kopfler of Kopfler & Hermann, Attorneys at Law. “We recommend that anyone with a loved one in a nursing home installs one of these cameras that can provide the assurance family members are looking for.”  

Granny cams are similar to nanny cams already popular in many homes with young children. A camera is installed to record everything that happens in a nursing home room so the family can see the care their loved one is receiving. A sign must be posted in any room that has a camera installed, which eliminates the underreporting that occurs in nursing homes. Those that have been abused often do not tell anyone because they do not think the abuse is occurring, or because they do not understand they are a victim.  

Even more importantly though, granny cams will not only make it easier to identify nursing home abuse, but prevent it as well. One of the requirements for installing a camera is that they must also post signage indicating there is a camera in the room. When staff members and others are aware of this, it will deter them from abusing a nursing home resident.  

In addition to this requirement, the family members or the nursing home resident are also responsible for the cost of the camera. If a loved one shares a room, the roommate must agree to the camera or the resident that wants it should be moved to another room.  

Nursing homes also have their own requirements pertaining to these cameras. They must provide forms to residents and family members outlining how the cameras should be installed. They must provide this documentation even if the resident does not bring up the subject of cameras. When a nursing home fails to offer these forms, it could be a sign that the nursing home is failing in other areas, as well. This is just one more way that granny cams will make nursing homes in Louisiana much safer.  

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