Mission Statement


The writers and editors at Liberals Unite are committed to presenting and distributing information that is accurate and fact-based and relevant to the liberal/progressive community. We will strive to ensure that the information we publish reflects that commitment.

We are aware that a large number of websites have and continue to publish bombastic and/or disingenuous articles in an effort to raise revenue. We believe in a business model that can inform, inspire, and excite its readers.

To that end, we make the following pronouncements:

  1. We will not publish articles that merely echo the stupid, hateful, bigoted rhetoric that has taken hold of our political discourse.*
  2. We are not going to create or link to articles merely detailing how Trump and/or the GOP are going to ruin America.**
  3. We will endeavor to present facts and evidence when presenting opinion.***


Remember, we are trying to promote ourselves as a credible news and information source for discerning liberals and progressives. We are not attempting to market ourselves as People Magazine, the National Enquirer or Addicting Info/Bipartisan Report/Occupy Democrats.

It is okay to go off-topic, but generally speaking those articles should be uplifting, entertaining, informative and/or educational.


*This includes articles recounting the stupid things that Donald Trump, his team, his family or his followers say and do, yell or tweet… If someone wants to do an article discussing the recent uptick in reports of discrimination, bias-motivated threats, harassment and violence throughout the country and wants to cite examples – great. But simply recounting stupid things that people do or say is strictly off-limits.

** Of course we are going to cover articles about Trump and the Republican agenda, but they must be substantive pieces offering information, explanation, fact-checks, or providing a call-to-action for liberals/progressives.

*** This means we will not publish op-ed pieces without providing sources for any factual claims and/or analysis.