Welfare Ads proven “False” – Romney Team: won’t let “campaign be dictated by fact-checkers”

CNN Romney Welfare ad false

Romney’s entire campaign seems focused on racially charged lies about welfare intended to appeal to white worker class Americans trying to convince them that while they are working hard, their black president is seeking to make welfare easier for others.

5 of the last 13 ads endorsed by Mitt Romney are about bogus welfare claims” as Ed Schultz put it, with 4 dedicated to health care  and only one each about the economy and introducing Paul Ryan.

Rachel Maddow elaborated on the matter stating:

“The Romney campaign is running ads about welfare, ads that are blatantly racially charged showing images of hard working white people and telling them that their black president is just going to start handing out welfare checks to people who won’t even look for a job. As a special bonus, the policy claims behind these very racially charges ads had been as thoroughly debunked as the birther nonsense has been.  It’s just made up entirely in terms of policy matters. But the Romney campaign is sticking to  the strategy of campaigning on welfare… .”


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So what are the facts?  Romney pollster Neil Newhouse told a panel organized by ABC News “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers”, as reported by the Huffington Post.

On the other hand, as reported in the Christian Science Monitor today:

“A half dozen fact-checking organizations and websites have refuted Romney’s claims that Obama removed the work requirement from the welfare law and will cut Medicare benefits by $216 billion.

Last Sunday’s New York Times even reported on its front page that Romney has been “falsely charging” President Obama with removing the work requirement. Those are strong words from the venerable Times. Yet Romney is still making the false charge. Ads containing it continue to be aired.”

On August 22 of this year, CNN rated the ads as “False” and “Doesn’t Work” as you can see in the video below.

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