Liberty Counsel: lifting gay ban in Boy Scouts would attract ‘a Jerry Sandusky as your Scoutmaster’ (VIDEO)

The Liberty CounselMat Staver and Matt Barber, of the Liberty Counsel, talked about the recent decision by the Boy Scouts of America to delay voting on the ban on gay scouts.

During Friday’s “Faith and Freedom” radio programs, Staver noted , “it makes no sense to have a Jerry Sandusky as your scout master and essentially that’s what this policy would open up the doors to” while Barber asserted that gay activists are demanding access to your children, so “what father in his right mind” would let his son join the scouts if he knew that a gay man was serving as scout leader, especially since all gay men define themselves by the fact that they “sexually crave sex with other males” because they are “hyper-sexual.”

You can watch them in action below:

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