Ann Coulter Calls Bill Clinton A ‘Forcible Rapist’ (VIDEO)

Ann-Coulter-CPACRight-wing pundit Ann Coulter called Bill Clinton a “forcible rapist” during her speech at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference on March 16.

“The keynote speaker at the Democrat National Convention this year was forcible rapist, Bill Clinton,” she said.

She started out her speech with the insults, first aimed at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was not invited to speak at the gathering.

“Even CPAC had to cut back on speakers this year by about 300 pounds,” she said, alluding to Christie.

She went on to insult DNC Chairman Wasserman Schultz, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews, alluding to them being dogs:

“Liberals say the word lazy is a racist code word, as is Chicago, the word apartment, mentioning Obama golfs.  These are all according to liberals racist dog whistles which may be why only Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews can hear them.”

She even had harsh words for George H.W. Bush referring to him as “Reagan’s knucklehead of a vice-president, the first George Bush,” and speaking of taxes further insulted him saying he was “unable to learn from the first kick of a mule made the same deal with the democrats breaking his no new taxes pledge.”

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