Senator Ron Johnson Called Out For Lying About Social Security (VIDEO)

Krugman calls out Sen.Johnson for LyingYOUR FACTS ARE FALSE:  Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) embarrassed himself on ABC’s This Week on Sunday when he attempted to skew facts into his own Republican reality, using the typical canned talking points of the right.
Normally the hosts of these shows take it easy on such obvious lies and distortions of the facts,  but Sen. Johnson was not so lucky and was quickly schooled by New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman.

KRUGMAN: You said ‘let’s start with the facts,’ but we’ve just run aground right there.

JOHNSON: Exactly my point, we have got to agree on the facts and figures.

KRUGMAN: But your facts are false. Social Security has a dedicated revenue base, it has a trust fund based on that dedicated revenue base. You can’t change the rules mid stream and say ‘oh, suddenly the trust fund doesn’t count.’ […] It’s important to realize that the facts that are being brought out here are in fact non-facts.

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