" /> Kitten Born Unable To Walk Or Stand Gets Second Chance (VIDEO)

Kitten Born Unable To Walk Or Stand Gets Second Chance (VIDEO)

Kitten Born Unable To Walk Or Stand Gets Second Chance

Photo: Tree House Humane Society www.treehouseanimals.org

The story of Stockings is one of hope for a kitten born with a severe birth defect which could have cost him his life. Born unable to walk or even stand, Little Stockings was found at only a few weeks old, living in a hoarding situation. Thankfully, a kind person brought him to Chicagoland area’s Tree House, operated by the Humane Society.

“When he first arrived, we were taken aback by what we saw. Stockings’ hind legs were excessively extended backwards. The hyper-extension was so severe that it was as if his feet had been put on backwards. Additionally, his legs were fully turned inward and fixed in a ‘W’ position. This little kitten was unable to stand or even extend his hind legs. However, as is so common in cats who are born with disabilities, his deformity had not deterred him. Stockings had a will and found a way, and we watched as this little cat scooted around on his hind hocks (or ankles), and knew we could do more.
“We help cats and kittens like Stockings every day — those who are unable to get the help they would need anywhere else. We can only do this work with the help of generous people like you.”

Please donate to help Tree House help more sick, injured, abused, and neglected stray cats like Stockings. Visit treehouseanimals.org/hope to help bring these animals a second chance.

Stockings from Vimeo:

Stockings from Tree House Humane Society on Vimeo.

Stockings New Legs (At Tree House Humane Society) 12-14-2013:


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