Why You Should Care More About Midterm Elections – VIDEO


This video tells you exactly why you should care more about the midterm elections.

This midterm election may seem insignificant, but there are major ballot issues that could have a much larger impact on your daily life than national races. If you want a say in minimum wage, drug legalization, education, or health care, among others, now’s the time to get informed and vote.

Here’s why.

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The 2014 election isn’t as boring and meaningless as you think

For Many Americans, A ‘Meh’ Midterm
“Midterm elections rarely excite the general public, but 2014 is shaping up to be an especially underwhelming cycle for many Americans. With about a month remaining in the congressional races, 15% are very closely following news about the midterms – down from similar periods before the elections in 2010 (25%) and 2006 (21%).”

Just Because Congress is Hopelessly Broken Doesn’t Mean the Midterms Are Meaningless

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Are Voter ID Laws Really A Bad Idea?

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