Undercover Cop Draws Gun On Oakland Protestors – PHOTOS

The internet is going wild after images began appearing of an undercover cop drawing his gun on protestors in Oakland.

NBC News reports that the cop had been marching with protestors and pulled his gun after the crowd attacked him and his partner on Wednesday.

NBC adds that police have confirmed that “more than 100 demonstrators marched through Oakland and Berkeley” to protest recent “grand jury decisions not to indict white officers.”

A Storify post, shown below, notes that “During the ongoing protests in Berkeley and Oakland, on Dec 10th 2014, two undercover police were outed by the crowd, and proceeded to pull out a gun, and make arrests while still wearing their masks,” and posted several tweets on the incident.

Several individuals have been posting tweets about the incident, such as Twitter user The Dreamkiller who posted the most disturbing photo so far, tweeting:

Undercover police ARE violent protesters. In Oakland, cop pulls gun (not badge) on crowd after being exposed.

You can see more of the tweets in this Storify post:

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