Heated Exchange Between Carly Fiorina And Planned Parenthood Patient (Video)


Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina has come under mounting pressure after  making patently false statements about a live, kicking baby being sized up for carving by those monsters at Planned Parenthood during the second Republican debate a couple of weeks ago.

As Ann Werner reported for Liberals Unite last week: “If she had taken a nanosecond to actually watch the unedited tapes, she would have seen that was not true. Instead, she chose to be the GOP poster girl for disseminating their false information. After all, Carly has loads of money, and if she needs care, she can afford the best. But if you happen to be a poor woman, well, Carly could care less if you live in a state where health care is available to you—or not.”

On Saturday, Planned Parenthood activists targeted Fiorina at an Iowa Hawkeye tailgate, some of them throwing condoms at Fiorina supporters.

ABC News reports that: “The protesters, some of whom were affiliated with the women’s health group and others who were supporters, were dressed in pink and waved pink pom-poms as they followed the Republican presidential candidate around the tailgate, chanting ‘Carly Fiorina offsides for telling lies’ and ‘women are watching and we vote.’”

CNN captured one heated exchange with Fiorina when “activist and 40-year Planned Parenthood patient Cindy Shireman, 54, challenged Fiorina for her comments about the organization.”

“How can you, as a woman, not support our health care?” Shireman asked the presidential hopeful.

Fiorina replied: “Oh, I support your health care. I don’t support the butchering of babies. And you should go look at those videos.”

Fiorina appeared angry when Shireman told her she had seen the videos, retorting and at times waving her finger in Shireman’s face:

I understand we may disagree on things. You need to ask yourself some questions. Why is it that fetuses are aborted alive to butcher their brains? Why? You ought to also ask, you should look at some facts. How much money does Planned Parenthood give to Democrat candidates? This a big political rig.

Towards the end of the argument, Fiorina told Shireman to get her facts straight, adding: “What you’re talking about is rhetoric, propaganda and lies.”

Shireman shot back: “That’s what I’d say to you.”

As Fiorina turned away to shake hands with supporters, Shireman turned to reporters, telling them that Fiorina was acting “defensive” during the conversation:

She is pushing the abortion agenda to get votes and she’s not telling the truth. She has no statistics or facts to back up her statements, and she became very defensive when we confronted her.

For her part, Fiorina claimed that the presence of the activists demonstrated that Planned Parenthood was frightened:

We must clearly be making a difference if they all show up here. I think they’re scared that the people of America are starting to look at what’s really going on in the Planned Parenthood clinic and they can’t deny what’s going on, so they shout slogans instead.

You can watch the exchange, below:


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