Trump Mercilessly Taunted By Former Chief Prosecutor At Guantanamo

Col. Morris Davis

Former Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba blasts Donald Trump in a series of tweets.

Colonel Morris D. Davis is a retired US Air Force officer and lawyer who served as the third Chief Prosecutor of the Guantanamo military commissions from 2005 until 2007.

An outspoken critic of torture, Col. Davis resigned his position as Chief Prosecutor in October 2007. Considering waterboarding a form of torture, he had created a policy that evidence obtained from that technique would not be admissible as evidence before the military commission.

Then, as The Star reported in 2008, “Davis said he resigned hours after he was put in a chain of command beneath U.S. Defense Department General Counsel William Haynes, one of several officials who had encouraged the use of evidence even if it was gathered through waterboarding – an interrogation method that simulates drowning.

“The guy who said waterboarding is A-okay I was not going to take orders from. I quit,” Davis said.

Col. Davis retired from active duty in October 2008 and currently serves as an assistant professor at the Howard University School of Law in Washington, DC and is a frequent contributor to websites such as The Guardian where he has published numerous op-eds and other criticisms of the Guantanamo Military Commission process. Col. Davis has been vocal in his support of the American POW-Taliban prisoner swap that won Bowe Bergdahl‘s release in 2014.

Like many before him – Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and others – Col. Travis frequently takes to his Twitter page to taunt Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Below are a few favorites from the last few days.

On Sunday and Monday he launched a series of tweets mocking Trump in the context of the 2016 Rio Olympic games:

He alluded to Trump’s birther nonsense:

He also blasted the phony money for hostages allegations:

And took on Trump’s latest endorsement:

He has also taken on recent efforts by Republicans to control their candidate:

And an all-time favorite talks about Trump’s support from presidents:





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