Reebok Trolls Trump – And Shows No Mercy

Reebok subtweets Trump with the perfect response to his recent gaffe in France.

As Mashable reports, “Reebok wants in on the Trump Twitter trolling game and it’s showing absolutely no mercy.”

The athletic clothing company took a shot at Trump on Friday, posting the perfect response to Trump after he was captured on video telling the French First Lady that she was “in such good shape,” in Paris on Thursday.

NBC News reports that the incident took place after a photo-op “nearly an hour into a tour led by French President Emmanuel Macron.”

Trump can be seen turning to First Lady Brigitte Macron, telling her: “You’re in such good shape.”

In response to that creepy interaction, Reebok posted a chart to determine when it’s appropriate to make such remarks – and when it isn’t proper.

According to Reebok, it’s only appropriate to say: “You’re in such good shape… beautiful,” after you found “a forgotten action figure from your youth, unscathed after decades, in your parents’ basement.”

Use the comments section, below, to let us know when you think it is appropriate to use that phrase.

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