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Richard Belzer: Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck ‘Fascist Stooges’; Fox News ‘Racist,’ ‘Misogynistic’  (VIDEO)

Richard Belzer: Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck ‘Fascist Stooges’; Fox News ‘Racist,’ ‘Misogynistic’ (VIDEO)

The October 15, 2009 broadcast of The Joy Behar Show provides some great insight on conservative media from actor Richard Belzer. In this clip, Behar and her two guests, actor and left-wing activist Belzer and New York Daily News Columnist Liz Benjamin discussed Rush Limbaugh’s failed effort to buy a stake in the NFL’s St. […]

Hate Radio’s Rush Limbaugh Sounds Worried Over The Hobby Lobby Decision – And He Should Be

In a recent a Daily Kos diary, a friend of mine picked up on some Rush Limbaugh fear over the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision. And Lefty Coaster is right. Limbaugh uses a lot of false bravado, but to anyone who has followed his bile over the years, El Rushbo is sounding scared. Published on his […]

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Can It Get Any Worse For Rush Limbaugh? Yes, It Can!

It seems Rush Limbaugh has been on a fast snowball to Hell. Every month, sometimes every week, there is bad news for the for former king of hate radio. Relentless protestors have worked hard to make this happen, and are doing a perpetual Happy Dance these days, as their nemesis continues to lose ground. Limbaugh […]

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Rush Limbaugh: ‘Black Uncle Tom Voters’ Secured Thad Cochran Primary Win

This Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Senator Thad Cochran’s primary win over his Tea Party rival in Mississippi was due to “black Uncle Tom voters.” Cochran was able to “beat back a spirited challenge from State Senator Chris McDaniel, triumphing in a Republican runoff and defeating the Tea Party in the state where the movement’s […]

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Aw, Rush Limbaugh’s Sad – Tiny Bookstore Rejects His Books & Won’t Play With Him

Finally, it took a small, independent bookstore in Washington DC to stand up and turn down Rush Limbaugh’s children’s history books. The words sting my fingers as I type: Limbaugh-Children-History-Books. (One of these things is so not like the others.) Teaching For Change, a non-profit organization that owns and operates the bookstore in Busboys and Poets […]

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