Iran Close To Finalizing Several Major Aircraft Purchase Deals With Top Aircraft Manufacturers

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit In spite of strong opposition from supporters of Israel, the Iran Civil Aviation Commission (ICAO) has announced that Iran is close to finalizing several major aircraft purchase deals with top aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus. Since sanctions on Iran were lifted earlier this year the country been engaged […]

Texas Makes it Easier for Children of Undocumented Immigrants to Get Birth Certificates

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit   On Monday, July 25th, 2016, the state of Texas passed legislation which will make it easier for undocumented workers to get birth certificates for their United States born children. The state agreed to do this by allowing more documentation options that these parents can more readily access, […]

PA Governor in Favor of Easing Marijuana Restriction Laws

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit In April 2016, after efforts from lobbying groups, appeals from state citizens, and a push from the state legislature, Pennsylvania Governor Tim Wolf signed a bill that legalized medical marijuana throughout the state. The new law specifies 17 conditions for which using marijuana as medical treatment is now […]

DEA Will Not Reclassify Marijuana to a Less Restrictive Category For Now

Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail Reddit The Drug Enforcement Administration has rejected a petition by two governors to change marijuana’s classification under federal law. Currently, under the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana is labeled a Schedule I drug with other substances that have a high risk of addiction with no proven medical use like heroin […]

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