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Should Juveniles be Tried in Adult Court for Stealing a Car?

There are already many crimes in Connecticut that could lead a juvenile to be transferred to the adult criminal justice system. Most of these are violent crimes, including murder and rape. However, car theft among juveniles is up 37 percent over the past ten years in Connecticut. That has some legislators calling for an automatic […]

More Autonomous Cars Might Mean More Danger on Florida’s Roads 

In early May, the Florida Legislature passed a bill that legalized the use of self-driving across the state. The bill also stated that ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft could also use autonomous vehicles legally. The news was music to the ears of these companies, but they seem to be the only ones applauding the […]

​Michigan Law Stops Civil Asset Forfeiture in Cases Without Convictions  

Michigan once had one of the highest civil asset forfeiture rates in the country. This practice allows law enforcement to seize vehicles when someone is suspected of committing a drug offense. The reason for the forfeitures, according to law enforcement, is that they help stop crime rings, particularly those involved in drug trafficking. The problem […]

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