Bostonian Owns Conspiracy Theory Reporter from Alex Jones’ InfoWars – Video


Some idiot reporter from infowars picked the wrong neighborhood to go and try to report that the FBI blew up the Boston marathon. Get the f*ck outta here.

A reporter from Alex Jones’ InfoWars get ripped to shreds by an angry Bostonian for trying to spread the rumor that the FBI was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing.

Jones, Infowars, and this “reporter” in particular (Dan Bidondi) have been spewing forth the notion that the Boston terrorist attack was a false flag, aka the government orchestrated the whole thing.

As Live Leak posted alongside the video:

The overwhelming irony is that these are the very same people who perpetually claim government is incompetent and inefficient, yet government is always pulling off these herculean events. Jones is in a seemingly never-ending competition with Glenn Beck for the mouth-breather demographic, and he’s one comment away from becoming a full-blown South Park episode. The man is a journalist like Kim Kardashian is an actress, only one has an enormous arse while the other appears to be an enormous arse.

This video was uploaded barely 2 weeks after the bombing and the guy is obviously a local so who knows maybe he had friends and family who were hurt, or worse.

Either way, his city was just bombed by whackos and then he sees this locust trying to sensationalize it and make a mockery out of the tragedy. I’d be pissed, too. Plus, dude’s from Boston and they’re kind of a different breed there when it comes to colorful language.

Personally, I’d give him a pass for his behavior.You can watch it all, below:

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