8 Point GOP Strategy For Women: Barefoot And Pregnant Edition


1. Restrict access to birth control: see The Republican War on Contraception, see also Facts on Publicly Funded Contraceptive Services in the United States

2. Restrict access to legal abortion: see An Overview of Abortion Laws, see also How Anti Choice Laws Restrict Your Access

3. Restrict access to abortion coverage in private plans offered through health insurance marketplaces: see Abortion Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act: achieving transparency and truly informed consumer choice, see also State Policies in Brief: Restricting Insurance Coverage of Abortion

4. Restrict public funding for family planning programs and providers: see New report underscores critical importance of family planning programs and providers

5. Restrict access to public funded contraceptive services: see Facts on Publicly Funded Contraceptive Services in the United States

6. Legitimize Rape: see See former U.S. Representative Todd Akin

  • Accuse women who are raped of lying: see Blame Rape’s Enablers, Not the Victims
  • Blame victims of rape: alcohol/drugs, clothing, sexual promiscuity: See
  • Excuse the attacker: boys will be boys, you cannot rape your own wife

7. Adopt Personhood Measures and Enact Personhood Laws: see “Personhood Measures,” see also “Personhood” Measures: Extreme and Dangerous Attempts to Ban Abortion

8. Deny the Facts: see U.S. abortion rates hit lowest level since 1973, see also Distorting Science

Coming Soon:

  • The GOP Strategy For Women, Part 2: In The Kitchen
  • The GOP Strategy For Women, Part 3: Destroying Feminism

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