Fox News Host Delivers Insane Rant (VIDEO)


Fox News host Jeanine Pirro delivered what may very well be one of the most insane rants ever presented on the network last weekend.

Citing a report from right-wing conspiracy site WorldNetDaily about ISIS forces being trained by the U.S., Judge Jeanine accused President Obama of waiting for two years to “pick up the ringleader of the Benghazi massacre” for political reasons.

She also went on to claim that Obama “didn’t have the balls” to try Taliban suspects at Guantanamo Bay, and said Americans “are not convinced” Obama “even knows who the enemy is.”

You can watch the clip, below, followed by a transcript.


So what should we do? Send in more troops to protect sacrifices already made? Cut a deal with the devil, Iran? Or let the Sunnis and Shias duke it out themselves?
I’ve told you that you need to be afraid because they are coming for you.
The ISIS assault, the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, signals the beginning of the reverse crusade.
They are coming for us. To them, we are the infidels.
But I for one am not willing to let one more American die or come home with fewer limbs from that part of the world. Americans have shed enough blood there.
My resolution? Air strikes. Bomb them, keep bombing them, bomb them again and again. And I don’t care how long it takes. Just take out ISIS, take out their convoys and take out those troops.
And even though our president says he didn’t know, they told us they were coming for us. The head of this band of savages, Abu al Baghdadi, was released by the Obama administration and started ISIS one year later in 2010. On his way out of Camp Bucca, where the worst of the worst terrorists are held, he threatened his American jailer: see you in New York.
ISIS is a fanatical religious terrorist organization, and if you think they are nothing more than rag tag rebels, you are wrong. They are a sophisticated band of militants who add to their ranks by emptying out jails and have $1.5 billion, oil fields, control of major Iraqi cities, and who continue their atrocities, now 30 miles from Baghdad. And as they march, they slaughter thousands of moderate Muslims who aren’t extremist enough for them, all the while posting the most gruesome videos of mass executions and beheadings.
They have a centralized command structure superior to Iraq’s military command. With corporate reports and savvy social media, they measure performance by the number of deaths.
Now Mr. President, you may see yourself as a war hero. The truth? There has been a 60 percent increase in radical Islamic terrorism since you’ve been in office. You just keep letting these guys out, like the Bergdahl trade and the five terrorists you didn’t have the balls to try in Gitmo or federal court. You are simply clueless, a paper tiger who only knows how to cut and run.
And here’s the kicker: there have been reports that say ISIS was trained by U.S. instructors at a secret base in Jordan to prepare them to fight President Assad as rebels.
Since the Benghazi massacre, reports are that the annex was a front for a CIA operation shipping arms to the anti-Assad forces through Turkey.
It’s your feckless, weak foreign policy on the world stage that is creating a danger zone for all Americans.
You and Hillary armed and trained terrorists and gave them true battlefield experience, and then, you did a cut and run in Libya and Iraq, leaving our weapons behind.
The irony, Mr. President: it will be with our taxpayer funded weapons that they will be coming for us.
So now that your numbers are in the tank – 54 percent say you’re not able to lead, you have a 41 percent job approval rating, 37 percent foreign policy approval – you now pick up the ringleader of the Benghazi massacre? Our special forces now arrest Khatallah? Wow! The guy was in plain sight for two years, interviewed by the New York Times, the London Times, CBS, CNN, Reuters and Fox. We all found him. We all chatted with him. And as American drones flew overhead, he flipped them the bird.
So why two years? Why did you wait?
Could it be, Mr. President, that if you arrested him sooner he could have debunked that despicable video theory? You know, the one you all lied about? Could you imagine you indict Khatallah for killing Chris Stephens, and he comes in and says, “You dumb shmucks, what video? We’re al Qaeda’s cousin Ansar al Sharia, we kill Americans.”
Mr. President, Americans don’t trust you for good reason. We’re not convinced you even know who the enemy is. You release terrorists. You cut deals with Iran. You dance around with your political correctness while they sharpen their knives. Mr. President, you are playing a very dangerous game for which you are ill-prepared, and it is the American people who will suffer.

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