John Boehner Gets Hammered by Republicans On His FB Page


This is the last one of these articles we are going to post for a while, but we consider Net Neutrality to be of vital importance and wanted to show when Boehner came out against it.

And what is net neutrality? As Mindy explained back in May, “Net neutrality was one of the original basic concepts when the Internet was invented so that people could access information equally from a free and open world wide web, without any discrimination. Basically, it means keeping the Internet a fair and level playing field for everyone. Net neutrality ensures that no one piece of information takes priority over another.”

In short, President Obama supports net neutrality – Republicans don’t. Basically, the lack of net neutrality would create a new WILD WEST for internet providers – throttling your ability to reach certain content at their choosing. Here are just a few ways you could be impacted:

  • For starters this will greatly affect your diversity of content. Without net neutrality, your provider could promote their own web content and services, all while systematically excluding their competitors. It would also really hinder innovation. The next big Facebook or Google would never get a chance because they’d be muscled out by the big corporations running the web.
  • Discrimination is another problem. Your provider could decide what information that you are able to see by making some things easy to access while making others extremely slow or completely impossible to find.
  • Another problem is double charging. Right now network owners charge you for access to the Internet. Without net neutrality they will be able to charge you not only for access, but also for all of your activities while you’re online.

Anyway, back to John Boehner. About an hour ago he posted about net neutrality on his Facebook page, writing:

An open, vibrant ‪#‎Internet‬ is essential to a growing economy, and ‪#‎netneutrality‬ is a textbook example of the kind of Washington regulations that destroy innovation and entrepreneurship.

Federal bureaucrats should NOT be in the business of regulating the Internet. Not now. Not ever.

Ted Cruz did essentially the the same thing yesterday and all hell broke loose on his post with the criticism coming in from all sides – particularly from conservatives.

Well, it seems the exact same thing is happening with John Boehner today.

Check out a few of our favorite posts and we have included an embed of Boehner’s post below so you can join in and comment as well. We need to let our collective voices be heard on net neutrality. The future of the internet as we know it, may very well depend on it.

Sean B: As a Republican, this rhetoric is absolute garbage. #netneutrality isn’t a regulation, it is our current reality and should stay that way. As much as it pains me to say this, you and Senator Ted Cruz need to wake up and realize that making every issue a partisan issue is the problem here. Give back the $107k to Comcast and then talk about this issue objectively.

Tracie B: You act as tho the republican rhetoric is caused by their misinformation..They KNOW exactly what net neutrality is and want to get rid of it…

Jack C: This is why I, as a lifetime conservative, HATE the current GOP. The people pay for a fair internet.
Lawrence B: You have no clear concept of what is going on. I am a republican and I work/live/use the internet for over 30 years. This is a scam by Comcast and their ilk. I support net neutrality, I don’t support Obama. Our leaders have been bought.

Frank P: Sure, Mr. Speaker. And all our Interstate Highways should be privatized and turned into toll roads owned by airline companies. What could possibly go wrong?
Mick T: But you do want to regulate a woman’s body.
John M: This man has no idea what he’s talking about. Not surprising considering his age, his alcoholism, and his politics. Idiot.
Patricia R: Again, Boehner, you lead your voters to believe you’re on their side when you’re definitely throwing them to the wolves of Wall Street. Think on this. Let’s deliver electricity at different rates. Rich people’s stuff runs faster than poor people’s stuff. That’s the same concept. The Internet needs to be treated like a utility where every citizen gets treated equally. There is no need for preferential treatment. Corporations are crooks veiled in laws written on behalf of them by men like you. WE NEED TO REIGN IN AND REGULATE THE POWER OF THE CORPORATIONS.
Jake K: Excuse me for caring, Speaker, but your line of reasoning seems a little flawed. Which jobs are being created by allowing telecom operators to dictate who may and may not have access to their customers?
The ‘regulations’ of which you speak will offer greater opportunity to internet startups to build and grow, unimpeded by telecom operators whom have already shown Mafia-like tactics in throttling bandwidth to internet-based companies (i.e. Netflix) that didn’t pay their extortion money… erm, I mean “Fast Lane Access”. And guess what, that “Fast Lane Access” means higher prices for consumers because the companies that are being forced to bow down to the Telecom operators ‘regulations’ are now forced to press that cost onto the customers to maintain margin. What happens when the prices get too high for customers? They don’t buy. If they don’t buy, there’s no business anymore and jobs are LOST.
I wish El Presidente would have come out in opposition to Net Neutrality so you guys in Congress would have unified in support of it, because we all know that would have happened. Allowing internet access to be classified under title II is GOOD for business, because it allows more competition and better consumer prices for goods and services available online.

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