Mother Jones Editor Slams ‘Twitchy Mob’ For Attacking CNN Hosts Who Assumed ‘Hands Up’ Pose

A co-editor of Mother Jones slammed Twitchy, a site founded by Fox Contributor Michelle Malkin, for attacking CNN hosts for supporting #BlackLivesMatter


The nation is exploding in coast-to-coast protests in the wake of the recent killings of unarmed black men and a 12-year-old boy by white police and the failure of two grand juries to indict the officers involved with two of those recent deaths.

On Saturday CNN hosts Margaret Hoover, Sunny Hostin, Sally Kohn and Mel Robbins showed solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter protestors by assuming the “hands up, don’t shoot pose.”

Shortly thereafter, the Twitchy Team, a Twitter curation site founded by Fox News contributor and conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, posted a tweet criticizing the CNN hosts, posting:

‘I’m sorry, y’all look ridiculous’: CNN hosts assume ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ pose

Less than an hour later, Clara Jeffery, co-editor of Mother Jones magazine, tweeted a response, saying that it “figures” that the “Twitchy mob is upset because CNN opinion show hosts expressed opinion that #BlackLivesMatter.”

This in turn prompted even more back and forth maneuvers to include Twitchy publishing a short response on their website, stating in part: “Get it? We and our horrible “mob” are upset because we’re a bunch of racists. Or something.”

You can watch the clip from CNN, below:

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