‘Go F**k yourself’: Bill Maher On ‘The Immortal Dick Cheney,’ Radical Islam And Charlie Hebdo – VIDEO


Bill Maher talked about Charlie Hebdo, free speech and radical Islam during Friday night’s edition of “Real Time with Bill Maher. “

Maher began his monologue by asking the audience “hey, who’s ready for a little free speech in America, what do you say?”

He went on to note that if there was a theme to the time the show was off, “it would be ‘NO JOKING.'”

“There are people in the world that just don’t like people joking about them,” he noted, adding that

You know, North Korea – they don’t like it. These assholes in Paris who shot cartoonists this week, they don’t like it. And as a jokester, I just have to say, the world needs to stand as one and — to quote the immortal Dick Cheney — say, ‘Go fuck yourself.’

Maher went on to talk about the courage of Charlie Hebdo, noting that “the incredibly courageous staff of this French magazine… announced today that not only are they going to put out the next edition on time, but with a million extra copies.”

Calling the magazine “heroes,” Maher compared them to Sony who pulled “The Interview” after “one online threat,” stating “congratulations Sony, you put up less resistance than the French.”

You can watch the clips below.

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