Sarah Palin Gets Heckled At SNL Anniversary After Party – VIDEO


Former part-time Alaska Gov. and failed vice-president candidate Sarah Palin attended the after party for Saturday Night Live’s anniversary special where she encountered several hecklers.

TMZ reported that “Some of her critics were pretty stupid … using high school tactics like telling her she looked like crap,” and credited her with having “some pretty good comebacks,” and conservative websites attempted to credit Palin as winning the battle.

Young Conservatives tried to give her the win, writing that Palin “silenced the intellectually challenged individual with one short, sweet little statement,” going on to quote Truth Revolt, who wrote:

Palin’s responses to the insults ranged from “get a job” and “I’m here, you’re there” as she gestured to the red carpet area and the other side where fans get to stand.

You can watch the exchange, below, and can judge for yourself.

Be sure to let us know who you think the winner was in this lopsided battle of wits.

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