Doctor’s Reaction To Losing 19-Year-Old Patient Is Heartbreaking – IMAGE


All too often, doctors are unsung heroes – only seen in times if ill health, often serving as reminders of death and disease.

A heart-breaking photo taken by an EMT, showing the instant an Emergency Room doctor stepped outside after losing a 19-year-old patient is exploding on the internet after a fellow EMT posted the image to Reddit and Imgur.

Yesterday’s post by Reddit user NickMoore911 has already received over 4,000 comments, with Moore providing the following text:

An ER doctor steps outside after losing a 19-year old patient. (Posted by a close friend and coworker on Facebook; We are both EMTs)

He later added:

The man pictured was unable to save one of his patients. Though this is a common occurrence in our field of work, the patients we lose are typically old, sick, or some combination of the two. The patient that died was 19 years old, and for him, it was one of those calls we get sometimes that just hits you.


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