In Defense Of Women: They Are Not Second-Class Citizens!


*Rant Alert*


I’ve made the mistake of seeing some stuff on the news I don’t want to see. I can not un-see it. My two closest friends are women. My wife is a woman. Nothing against guys, it just worked out that way…

That to this. I do not understand violence against women. I do not understand how some people, in far off places, think it’s their right to stone women. I do not understand the mentality that degrades or abuses or rapes. I do not want to. The women in my life are family. They are to be treasured, cherished, and respected. They are not second class citizens or “lesser vessels”.

A male, any male, that hurts or degrades a woman may be male but, he is not a MAN. There is no excuse. Period. I don’t care what societal offense you make an excuse to use. I don’t care who she sleeps with. I don’t care if she spits on your face. I don’t care if she hits, kicks, bites, or slaps you. There is ZERO reason to respond. If you are that offended, walk away.

I’m old. I am old fashioned. I wonder where these Ladies’ alleged male family members are? Where are the men that are supposed to be protectors and defenders? Yes, the women I love are more than capable of taking care of themselves. Doesn’t matter. Part of a MAN’S job is to also do that. The thought of me allowing something like the shit I see happening to the Ladies I love is beyond contemplating.

Some days, I gotta not see the news. Stuff like that reminds me how fragile life is. It reminds me how dishonorable MEN can be. It reminds me how much I worry for the Cherished Ones in my world.

*Rant Over*

y’all have a nice day

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