Kristen Stewart of Twilight Fame Takes On Kim Davis Controversy

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Marlow Thomas of The Daily Beast sat down for an interview with acclaimed actress Kristin Stewart of “Twilight” fame to “discuss her new sci-fi film ‘Equals,’ Kim Davis, and the importance of giving in to emotion.”

After talking a bit about the movie and about relationships, Thomas asked Stewart about Kim Davis:

I wanted to go back to the issue of the denial of love. Have you been following the news of Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who denied a same-sex couple their marriage license, was sent to jail, and has subsequently been martyred by many on the right-wing?

Stewart replied:

Yeah. Oh my god. Did you see her come out of jail? Honestly, it makes me so deeply uncomfortable. I feel really bad for her. Anyone who’s so closed off to things that are so apparent? Imagine what else she’s missing out on in life. I’m not making any grand statements about her personally, but if something so glaringly obvious, such as this subject…

Thomas interjected: “…to have that much hate in your heart must be awful,” to which Stewart concluded:

That’s why I feel bad for her. It’s like, “Oh, buddy, that must suck.” That fear of the unknown cripples people, breeds hate, and it’s just very sad.

What are your thoughts about Kim Davis? Do you feel sorry for her?

Let us know what you think in the comments, below.

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